Food Science and Nutrition

Welcome to the Department of Food Science and Nutrition (D.F.S.N.) of the Universtity of The Aegeanin the town of Myrina on the island of Lemnos. In recent years increasing evidence indicates that what we eat affects our health and quality of life and the concerns about manufacturing healthy foods as well as improving the safety of the food supply have increased.B  Food-health issues in society are of strategic importance. For this reason our Department has performed well in all areas and has expanded significantly, despite the economic difficulties of the last few years.

The applied science of Foods and Nutrition, as it is designed and is currently developed in the D.F.S.N., aims to develop qualitative foods and examine how food consumption affects public health as well as how social, economic, cultural and psychological factors influence the consumption of foods.

The objective of the studies planned by the D.F.S.N., through its academic program, is to offer to  the students a comprehensive and profound knowledge for food and nutrition in the various related fields such as biodiversity, microbiology, chemistry, technology, health and business. Towards this aim the academic program emphasizes collaboration and interdisciplinary connections. The efforts are concentrated  to prepare the students to be the future leader scientists in the field of Food Science and Nutrition that will decisively contribute in the production and distribution of safe, nutritious, healthy and tasty foods for the people.

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Department of Food Science and Nutrition

Mitropoliti Ioakim 2,

81400 Myrina, Lemnos, Greece

phone: +30 22540 83100

e-mail: secr-nutr(at)


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